About the Artist


Born in Liverpool, England, Jeremy Butler has both a sporting and an artistic background. As a youth, he played tennis on the satellite circuits in Europe and North America. He then participated in numerous sporting and athletic endeavors while pursuing a career in sculpture.

His desire to create sculpture stemmed from his Father, who was primarily a portrait sculptor. Butler's work aptly reflects both his love of sport and art. The "Gallery" and "Past Works" sections portray a sample of his works. Prices range from $500 to $10,000, and sizes range from eight inches to ten feet.

Artist statement

To me, for a work of art to be a success, it has to touch the viewer in some way. In my work, I strive to portray the elements of movement, beauty, and mystery. Sometimes the beauty isn't conventional, and the movement is more spiritual/emotional than physical. If this goal is achieved, the finished product results in a more engaging and uplifting viewing experience.

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